The power of teaching through story

Storytelling is perhaps a child’s favorite time of the day. Not because they’re going to go to bed and finally get some rest. In fact, my kids tend to hate bedtime. They seem to be afraid of the dark and once it’s night time outside, they do everything they can to stay awake.

One of the things I wanted to make sure of when creating this blog was having interesting and overall great content. Content that attracted people to read the articles and gain something from them. Content that could attract more readers and could cause the current readers to recommend it to their friends. This way traffic to the site would go up and keeping readers on the page based on great content, would be my job.

I quickly realized that writing great content or content marketing takes a lot of time (check this site). Knowing what to write and what people are searching for is another story altogether. Understanding how to transmit the message is perhaps the hardest thing I have encountered. Holding on to an adults attention is quite difficult. It’s even harder to hold on to a young child’s attention and pique their curiosity.

Having many years of education experience under my belt, however, I realized that there were many tricks I already had a grasp of that could work with my content marketing. The winning method used in the classroom that always seemed to work like a charm was storytelling.

Storytelling time was the only moment all the kids stayed quiet, didn’t move and paid attention to every word coming out of my mouth.

So that’s the big secret.

Create stories out of all your content. A list of top ten and top five is nice in today’s fast paced world. Yet, it is quite superficial and just does not go deep enough. You can find lists anywhere about anything. You could take most books and condense them into one chapter or only a few pages. Most books today are full of stories. They aren’t there just to make it longer and more appealing for publishers. In part, humans associate quantity with quality. Perhaps due to our past when obtaining food and water was not so easy. When opportunity was scarce, we had to take advantage of any surplus. Regardless of the reason, books are filled with stories to allow the reader to connect with the message in a stronger and more powerful way. When this happens, people are able to see themselves in the shoes of another. This allows hopes and dreams and possibilities to remain alive.

So what is it you want to transmit? What do you want others to learn from your content? What do you want them to do after?

Everything you create has to tell a story that your readers are able to connect with. Something that grabs their imagination and inspires them to share. If you focus on this as your main tool, your content will always be attractive and worth sharing and best of all, your readership will go up.

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